Thursday, February 12, 2015

February Hidden Gem - WiMomMandy

This month’s Hidden Gem is WiMomMandy (Wisconsin Mom Mandy). I have been watching her for a couple of years now and love her content. She does fun reviews and unboxings. She is a mom and her adorable daughter can be seen running around in the background. 

She also started a Sampled Out project this year where she is attempting to get rid of all her samples from her subscription boxes. She posts mini reviews of each product on her Instagram

so you can follow her on her journey. 

Now let’s let Mandy tell us about herself.

When did you start your Youtube channel and why?
My YouTube channel will be 3 years old this summer! I can't believe it's been that long already! My channel started as a beauty subscription unboxing channel. I knew next to nothing about makeup and didn't really wear it much when i was younger.  After I had my first child I realized I was in my 30's and wanted to start taking better care of my skin and start wearing more makeup.  

What is the main focus of your channel?

My channel was centered on a novice starting later in life and trying new things.  Now that I've been amassing a collection over the last three years I'm focusing on using what I love,  getting rid of the things that I don't love, and deciding which products work best for me and I want to continue purchasing in the future.  I'm weeding the duds out of my collection and getting my monies worth of what i have! 

What or who inspires you and why?

Superfreaky1ru is one of the first channels I really loved and it showed me that you don't have to be young, skinny, and look like a model to have an opinion that matters  I love watching smaller channels! I have met so many amazing women from all over the country through YouTube and I wish I could meet so many of them! 

What has helped your channel grow the most? 
I think that although the videos that get the most views for me are unboxings (I think) most people stick around for my honesty. 

What would you like people to know about you?

I would love people to know that I'm a busy mom of 2 that works full time.  I don't edit my videos,  and I don't upload a lot, simply because I don't have much time.  YouTube is a super fun hobby,  but that's all it is to me.  I'm not on a quest to get a certain number of subscribers.  I don't advertise my giveaways, I would rather have 10 people who actually watched the video enter instead of 500 people who only are subbed to try and win stuff.  I appreciate every person who has joined me over the last three years and although I don't always respond to every comment i read all of them and try to answer specific questions.  If you are interested in joining me you can find me on all social media as wimommandy.  

New for 2015:
#SampledOut on Instagram and YouTube.  My goal is to use all samples,  deluxe samples, and minis I have in my collection before 2016. I give a mini review of each item I finish our get rid of on instagram and have monthly wrap up videos on everyone's progress.  I would say there are somewhere between 30 and 50 participants so far and anyone is welcome to join at any time. I'm also participating in Amber F's pan that palette 2015 challenge.  I post monthly update videos of my progress trying to use an entire palette of eyeshadow.  Also coming in the fall: subscription box showdown flashback! Three years ago I subbed to Ipsy,  Birchbox,  and Sample Society for 3 months and compared each service.  I figured out the sample values of each item and compared the services by their bottom line and your monetary return.  In the fall I will revisit this challenge and see how they stack up now and if the samples have really gotten worse (which is a complaint I hear ALL the time but suspect is just a bad case of rose colored glasses)

Where you can find Mandy:

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