Monday, April 6, 2015

April Hidden Gem: A1nettie

I met Annette through mutual friends on Youtube. She has a great knack at obtaining free stuff and I love her unboxings.

When did you start your Youtube channel and why?
I Initially Started in 2010 on another channel just to do reviews on things. BzzAgent was failry new to me and I thought why not share my views on products on videos too. That was my main reason for starting my channel was to share my thoughts on products.
What is the main focus of your channel? 
Mostly reviews now. I love beauty and always wanted to go there, but freebies, couponing, hauls, unboxings and reviews are my main things I publish. 
What or who inspires you and why?

My kids inspire me to be good and be kind. The world has so many positive things in it and if you just stop to look it can inspire you to want to do good for others. My job inspires me to want to help others more and be patient. Kindness is a must and compassion is a must, without it we would never have understanding. When I see others helping one another, I want to do it too.

What has helped your channel grow the most?
I think maintaining communication and being friendly to all. Also sharing to different groups at times helps to. It seems to be just content that if you are interested in you will subscribe. 
What would you like people to know about you?

I do this as a hobby and love it. It has taken away from my family at times and have had to put reality in check. I have a family to care and provide for and they are my number one priority, but Youtube is my secret obsession along with my love for anything beauty related. I enjoy interacting with my on line family and friends which is the main reason I love it so much. I have chatted with people all over the world and it's amazing. This is the modern 
day pen pal! Let's keep in touch!

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