Monday, April 20, 2015

Dove Antiperspirant Spray

I have been using Dove products all of my life. My favorite products are their beauty bars and their deodorant. When Dove comes out with a new product I always have to try it.
I have always used stick deodorants, which covers your underarm odor. Antiperspirants are different because they prevent you from sweating. Thus, there is no smell to cover up and it prevents the underarms of your shirts from being stained. 

Dove claims it lasts up to 48 hours, does not leave a residue, and will moisturize your underarm. 

~It does not leave a residue.
~ It dries very quickly
~ It smells great. (I have Beauty Finish)
~ It keeps my underarms as moisturized as my Dove deodorant stick 

~It does not last 48 hours. I found that it does work really well for 24 hours but after about 36 hours it starts to fade. This may be based on your activity level.

I’ve seen it in the drugstore for about $7 which seems a bit expensive to me. It is new so I believe the price will go down a little and there are coupons for it right now. 

I give it 5/5 stars. I definitely love this product and will be repurchasing it.
Images by Freepik