Thursday, February 28, 2013

Makeup 101: The First Few Videos

About a month ago I started a series on my Youtube channel called Makeup 101. I decided to create this series because many of my friends and family have asked me about the basics of makeup. I know that when I started sing makeup I had no idea what certain terms meant or what I was doing in general. My hope is that these videos help beginners understand the basic application of makeup, and even some of the more advanced makeup techniques. New videos will be added every week.

The first video is all about foundation

The second video is all about contouring, blush, highlighting, and bronzer

The third video is about the importance of eye primer

I also added a previous video about how to fill in your eyebrows

Future videos include:
~How to apply eyeshadow
~All about eyeliner
~How to apply mascara
~How to apply lipliner and lipstick (with an added bonus)
~Makeup brush essentials
~How to apply false lashes
~How to tightline and waterline
~How to get the look of false lashes without them
~How to wing your eyeliner

If you have any requests I would love to hear them and hopefully make a video about it. =)
Images by Freepik