Monday, March 2, 2015

Mascara Showdown!

 I have been trying a lot of new mascaras over the last several months and I thought that I would give you little reviews of each one in one place (I know this has been a long time coming).

Loreal Butterfly

This mascara was okay. I could not do more than one coat without it starting to clump. It did make my lashes look very dramatic though. 

It’s not something I would recommend for an everyday look because it did not last very long. I found it was perfect for a night on the town.

Covergirl LashBlast Fusion

This has been my everyday go to mascara. I have loved almost every version of the Lashblast line but I think this one is my favorite. One coat gives my lashes a very natural look. Two coats makes them stand out a little.

If you are looking for a dramatic difference I would not recommend this mascara. This is more for giving your lashes a little boost.

Rimmel Retro 

I love Rimmel but I really do not like their mascaras. I have tried at least three different ones now and have had very similar experiences with all three. They clump like crazy! They do lengthen and fill out your lashes but in a spidery way. This mascara also flakes really bad for me. After only about an hour I will have little black flakes on my cheek. 

I don’t like to waste products and just throw them away so I figured out a way to make this mascara work for me. I would do one coat of the Rimmel mascara and one coat of the CoverGirl mascara. It seemed to get rid of most of the spideryness at least.

Benefit BadGal Lash

This is my new favorite mascara! To see why check out this video

Have you tried any of these mascaras? What did you think of them? What is your favorite mascara?
Images by Freepik