Friday, November 9, 2012

Crest 3D White Strips: Initial Thoughts

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you'll know that I received a free box of Crest 3D White Strips from Influenster. You may have heard of Influester's Voxboxes where they send out a bunch of free products to a select number of people, but they also send out individual products too. I am super excited to use these because I have used them in the past and like them. It has been at least 4 years since I used them last and I am excited to see what improvements they've made.

Today, is the first time that I have used them and I wanted to give you my initial thoughts. As I am writing this they are on my teeth. =)

I received a full size box with 20 applications. The box is really big compared to how small the actual strips are. Literally half the box wasn't being used and I really feel like they are wasting resources. The ones I received are the Advanced Seal and I have to say they really do seal onto your teeth. I remember the old ones use to move around constantly and the whitening gel would leak out and taste super nasty. Crest has definitely fixed that problem. I can talk without any problems. Also they stick on so well that I had a bit of trouble getting them off the first time. You only have to wear them for 30 minutes once a day which is really nice. I noticed on the directions that it says you can wear them up to 2 hours for a deep whitening but I don't know if I could go that long without drinking. ;-)

After 30 minutes I took the strips off and really didn't notice a difference. Only time will tell. I'll do a full review on my Youtube channel with before and after pictures so, be on the look out for that. =)

*The Crest 3D White Strips were sent to me by Influenster for review. All opinions are my own
Images by Freepik