Monday, October 1, 2012

Haul: Clothing!

I said this in my very recent clothing haul, but I have been buying new work clothes and have been trying to make sure that they can do double duty. I went to a fashion show at my grandma's church last Sunday. They do this every year and I have never bought anything because the clothes have all seemed really old. This time there were some more outfits for the younger crowd and my grandma offered to buy them for me. (I love you Grandma!!) So, here is what I got. =)

This scarf is not something I would normally have picked out for myself but it looked really good against the shirt I was wearing and it is SUPER soft. (I'm a sucker for soft things.) It was only $10 too!

This sweater is nice and flowy on top and cinches at the waist. (A must for me.) It is by Ruby Rd. and cost $43.

This is a maxi skirt and I kinda liked the pattern. Plus I like that I won't have to get it shortened. It is by Ruby Rd. and was on sale for $22!

Do you like your clothes to do double duty?

Images by Freepik