Monday, October 8, 2012

Tarte vs. Revlon

This is another inexpensive vs. expensive showdown. Today I am going to compare Tarte Lip Surgence and Revlon Just Bitten.

Lip Surgence - $20

I was able to try this out because it was a product in my Birchbox back in ______(link video) THe color I have doesn’t look great on me. (It’s a very orangey color.) I do like other aspects of it. I love the texture. It is very smooth. I love that the plumping serum doesn’t sting but it tingles. (It almost tickles) I don’t find that it bleeds or feathers. I can’t vouch for the endurance because I can’t wear it without mixing it with another color.

Just Bitten - $8

I love these! They are super long wearing. They actually last my entire workday. The darker ones seem to fade a bit faster than the lighter shades. The plumping serum doesn’t sting, and the only problem I had with them is that they bleed. I was able to fix that by lining my lips.


I call this one a tie! But if I really had to choose just one it would be the Revlon Just Bitten because of their price and because they are so easy to purchase. I know that HSN has deals all the time on Tarte products, and that is the perfect time to try them.

Pick up both and let me know what you think.
Images by Freepik