Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tips: Wake Up Your Eyes in the Morning

A lot of mornings I wake up with swollen and crusty (yuck!) eyes. This generally makes it harder for me to wake up. I have found that if my eyes are awake the rest of me will follow.

The first thing I do is take a warm damp cloth and get rid of all the crusty bits (again yuck!) Then I use Rohto Cool eye drops. They get rid of the redness and the menthol helps make your eyes feel more refreshed. (WARNING: if you have sensitive eyes the menthol might be too harsh for your eyes. The menthol can kind of sting at first until your eyes are more use to it.) 

Then, I use my Garnier Anti-Puff eye roller. The roller is metal so it stays cool and this helps with the swelling. (Some people like to put it in the fridge but I am too lazy to walk to my fridge to get it in the morning.) The serum also has caffeine in it which aids in the swelling too. 

Now, that my eyes are awake and caffeinated it’s time to caffeinate the rest of me!
Images by Freepik